Covid 19 Crisis Info

During the Covid Crisis, our normal business model has been severely disrupted. Any orders placed will be filled with available stock and any distributor orders will be placed every Monday. Any shortfalls will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Note for Games Workshop Orders

While we keep a decent stock on hand of Games Workshop products, with their total shut down; we are at their mercy for orders. We will endeavour to communicate to you our stocking and issue and refunds or delay notices asap to you.

If you have any questions about our current stock, feel free to reach out to the page on Facebook with your order requirements and we will respond when able. Normal Ordering All orders are looked at daily and filled where possible with existing stock.

Anything out of stock will be placed on order every Monday morning with suppliers normally arriving Wednesday/Thursday for same day dispatch. If any stock is unavailable, you will be contacted as soon as possible via phone or email with a request for action you’d like to take with current information we have from suppliers. Refunds, credits and substitutions will all be offered.

Pre - Order Policy

Depending on Supplier, preorders are placed as soon as they are available. For most suppliers, preorders are placed immediately and added to their preorder totals for delivery on due date. We must receive your preorder at least 1 week in advance to accommodate shipping time for release.

We will contact you immediately if any issues arise. For Games Workshop preorders, due to the nature of their model; we must receive your order by 8am Monday morning after the pre order goes live in order to place the order with their shipping department.


Any time after this, we cannot guarantee we can fill your order as we grab limited shelf stock and impulse buy stock.

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