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Single current size ComiCase, providing an affordable display and superior protection option for you precious comics.  Free postage anywhere in Australia.

For the first time in Australia on eBay, purchase the revolutionary ComiCase comic book protection system.

With an extensive list of features carefully developed for the discerning collector, you cannot find a better more affordable way to store, protect and display your books.  See below of full details of this new product and understand if you want to protect your books and yet still be able to read them, hug them and hold them ComiCase is the only real option out there for you.

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Product Details

ComiCase is a revolutionary new technology that provides a brand new way to Protect, Store, and Display your Comics. This technology has an enormous list of features that appeal to all collectors, so let’s delve into the details to show you all that ComiCase has to offer.

ComiCase offers unsurpassed protection in the comic supply market. From our plastic selections to the many patented features of our case, here are the ways that ComiCase will protect your collectible.

  • Archival Grade Plastic: We use an archival Grade Plastic from the Polyester class of plastics (“Mylar”). Not only is the plastic the best for your collectible, but it is great for the environment (Recyclable class 1 plastic).
  • UV Barrier: Notice that nice blue sheen on our cases? We took our UV protection one step further than almost every other case on the market, and added a UV inhibitor to our plastic. While most suppliers rely on plain plastic for minimal UV protection, we wanted to give you something that you would feel safe hanging on the wall.
  • Corner Protection: No more dinged corners! Our cases are designed with corner recesses that allow the contained comic to correctly land on the sides of the book inside the case instead of the corners to help eliminate corner dings and creases. The softened edges in the case also reduce the chance for damage of the book while traveling.
  • Moisture Resistant: Our cases feature an amazing seal that makes them easy to get into, but great for resisting moisture and dust. The cases can also be used over and over again while maintaining the resistant seal.

ComiCase showcases a revolutionary new way to store your comics that gets them out of the closet and into view. Our Interlocking technology makes storage a snap, while other features make it easy to stay organized.

  • Interlocking Technology: Who really wants to keep their collection in boxes? Our glide rail design offers a brand new way to store and catalog your comics. These cases are easily assembled to interlock by allowing the bottom outside rail to rest inside the upper receiving tray. This allows the collector to create whole walls of interlocking cases.  This technology allows you to access any book in your wall, while the rails hold open the space. As soon as you are done reading that book, reseal the ComiCase and slide it right back in where you pulled it from.
  • Stacking Capabilities: How high can you go? Our cases are designed with the interlocking glide feature to be able to integrate as many towers across as you can imagine. Based on our modeling we can create stacks as tall as 4 feet and still be able to pull and replace any case in the interlocking wall. 
  • Rigid and Flat: Our design creates not only a flat recess to store your collectible, but when the two halves are snapped together it creates an amazingly rigid structure to store your collectible in. The two halves are connected by a durable hinge to eliminate missing pieces. Also, due to our glide rail design, you can slide the case across a table to your friend without worrying about scratching the viewing face of the front and back of the ComiCase.
  • Catalog Recess: The case comes with a built in recess to place an identification card for cataloging your collection. The recess is big enough to include not only the comic title and number, but also contributing artists and writers to the book or any other information you deem significant. The recess is tilted forward to allow the collector to view the information and find the comic they are looking for.
  • Reusable and Resealable: Our cases feature a moisture and dust resistant seal, that not only help to keep your collectibles clean and dry, but allows for unlimited access to your comics. The ComiCase can be opened often to access your collection and easily resealed by pressing in each corner and sliding your fingers to apply pressure down the sides. No glues needed, and no damage to the case by opening it.

ComiCase offers simple and easy display options suited for every collector.

  • Hang Tab: ComiCase will incorporate a hang tab cut out at the top of the case for easy hanging. In the event that you don’t have a spare ComiCase frame, you can just hang the case itself. This makes it easy for kids and collectors on a budget to showcase their collection without the need for additional accessories.
  • Snap On Frame: Our frames are designed with the collector in mind. The frames easily snap into the viewing recess of the case. No glues or construction required! So you want to display a different book? No worries! Just pop the frame off of one ComiCase and snap it on the next, its that easy. Why buy a competitors frame case, when ours offers the best protection and re-usability? The frames will be produced in multiple colors.
  • Stand: Our ComiCase stand is designed to hold a framed or unframed ComiCase. Great for setting on coffee tables or shelves. The stand will be available in multiple colors. Coming in March 2014.
  • More display upgrades to come to in the future! Keep checking back for upgrades!

ComiCase Current x 1 - Affordable Display, Superior Protection for your Comics!


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